Magnetic Separator failuye analysis 

Magnetic separator failure?

(1) magnetic separator machine motor overheating and its sound is not normal.
Magnetic separator machine motor overheating and its sound is not normal reasons: 1) poor bearing lubrication or badly worn; 2) fan leaves fall off or wear; 3) switch circuit poor contact or disconnection run single phase; 4) the voltage is too low.
(2) The magnetic separator is not normal in the operation sound cylinder stuck by obstacles, even the cylinder can not rotate bottom box fibrillation.The reason is often the objects of the base box stuck, then there are magnetic blocks off the cylinder rattled serious cause the drum skin pierced. At this time should be shut down for maintenance, troubleshooting.

(3) reducer overheatingThe reason: 1) lack of oil or oily bad; 2) gear and worm wear too much, or mesh well; 3) bearing lubrication is poor or badly worn.

(4) Separator magnetic field strength becomes weakThe reason for this: 1) the temperature is too high; 2) sun exposure; 3) acid corrosion. Gaussmeter measurements. Magnetic separator by the base, under the magnetic system, tumble on the magnetic system, the hollow shaft concentrate tank, transmission and other components. Installation base the hollow bearing seat as a benchmark to measure the elevation and levelness. Under the positioning of the magnetic system to base basis. Tumble gap adjustment of the upper and lower magnetic system must be accurate, clearance limit deviations hand 0 1mm.