Product installation

Suspended magnetic separator installation:
Select the installation location:
(1) are spacious, easy the separator to mobilize and lifting
(2) facilitate the separator unloaded iron and Clear
(3) easy to track installed and fixed(
4) is preferred over the conveying nose driving drum butt vertex or the 
transition roller above installed near the drive roller.
Suspension Mode:
The suspension mounting points tilt, level two, they are work related to a location in the conveying belt separator positioning.
Inclined to install:
(1) In addition to the iron set above the conveying belt head, belt separator vertical tilt installation. The main drive of the separator drum in low. Inclination angle a = 15 ° to 30 °, S = R 300
(2) Set the downhill segment in addition to iron in the conveying belt, belt magnetic separator vertical hanging vertical conveying belt direction, allowing the installation of lateral tilt down tilt angle of inclination of a belt on a consistent but a <18 ° max


                                                 Separators tilt installation,track and belt conveyors in same direction..


                                                               Separators tilt installation, vertical track with belt conveyor

Horizontal installation:
Conveyor addition on the downhill section, and more to the level of running, lifting large belt above the arbitrary horizontal segment can be horizontal separator.   



                                                                                       The separator level of installation

Hanging track selection:
The number of tracks: heavy separator, priority select a two-track hanging. The light separator or separator, generally located only three hanging monorail hanging.
Track direction: according to the site conditions, the separator above the big belt head hanging, its orbit can be vertical or in the same direction with the big belt direction. Separator downhill segment or above the horizontal segment in the big belt hanging, the direction of its orbit must be perpendicular to the direction of the large belt.
Walking device options:
(1) with a separator (including permanent and electromagnetic), generally opt for the manual trolleys, heavy-duty belt separator priority combination of double-track manually walking frame: lightweight belt separator generally choose the the monorail combination of walking frame or monorail bicycle hanging.
(2) non-band electromagnetic separator: You must select the electric trolley. Order electronically controlled automatic suction abandoned iron. Light, especially hanging point separator, general electric monorail bicycle hanging. The heavy-duty set of four hanging separator can choose the electric double-track or monorail combination of walking frame. Heavy-duty, three lifting points can choose a the electric monorail combination of walking frame.Installation tips:
(1) above the head of the large belt Canted, the belt drive roller preferably used made of non-magnetic materials.
(2) If, in other locations hanging installation, the best in the separator and big belt below 10 ° or 20 ° to switch to straight idlers on the non-magnetic or non-magnetic transition roller.