CGT series heavy strength magnetic roller

CGT series super magnetic roller is mainly used to remove the powder, flake, and granular materials, ferromagnetic impurities, widely used in ceramics, electric power, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigments, dyes, electronic, and metallurgical industries. CGT series magnetic roller is the use of high-quality rare earth alloy Nd-Fe-B, and using a special production method is made. Can be installed in the motor of the transmission equipment, with the conveyor belt to form a magnetic separator. When the iron content of the material by, attracted by the magnetic roller, the iron-containing material and material separation, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic iron. The product energy consumption, pollution-free, simple structure, easy to use, automatic removal of iron, without manual operation, automatic separation of raw materials and iron slag, iron removal is quick and easy removal of iron is more thorough, more significant effect. This product uses the rare earth alloy Nd-Fe-B magnetic source, magnetically strong, long life, style specifications in accordance with customer requirements and site conditions to arbitrarily change the custom. More stringent requirements, in addition to the iron content greater occasions in addition to iron.

Parameter table: