RCYB series suspended permanent magnetic separator

Applicable Scope :

  For belt conveyor vibrating conveyor and feeding chute to eliminate the waste iron

Features :

  NdFeB magnets are used to provide high magnetic force 

  Simple installation,convenient and reliable operation Especially for harsh environment.

  No power consumption.

  Magnetic circuit is designed by computer simulation, high performance, the magnetic field strength high.

  High-performance NdFeB material is magnetic source, high coercivity, demagnetization not exceed 4% within ten years.

  Energy saving, trouble-free operation in harsh environments.

  Small size, light weight, easy to install.

  Optional magnetic force at SHR:  500Gs,700Gs,900Gs,1200Gs,1500Gs or more

  RCYB series suspended permanent magnetic separator use of advanced computer simulation design, the perfect double-pole structure, effectively guaranteeing the maximum adsorption capacity of iron debris within the working distance, internal magnetic material used in all high-strength rare earth neodymium iron boron magnetic composed of strong composite core, NdFeB high purity, dosage, magnetic intensity, you can easily pick up the materials in the iron debris. Has maintenance-free, magnetic, long life, easy to install, easy to use, reliable operation and other characteristics, suitable for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, non-magnetic materials under chute, in addition to iron. Pole adsorption area to clear the 0.1 to 35 kg of ferromagnetic material, internal permanent magnet system life of 10 years, the whole optimization design, the inner core is all resin perfusion, good sealing, oxidation protection in harsh The magnetic core magnetic environment for the consumption does not exceed 4%. The product of the technical indicators to meet the JB/T8711-2006 the standard.

Dimensional sketches and installation sketches:

RCYB Series suspended permanent magnet separator has a Heavy Strength model:    T1 magnetic intensity is 90mT   T2 is 120mT   T3 is 150mT