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      Permanent Magnetic Separators Type Description:

      Electromagnetic Separators Type Description:

Separators purposes:  

Separator is mainly used for the removal of non-magnetic material contained in ferromagnetic materials, material purification or protect the the subordinate job of crushing equipment (such as Raymond mill, vertical crusher, grinding roller extrusion, packaging machinery, etc.) widely used in thermal power, cement, chemical, food, building materials, papermaking, metallurgy, mining, coal and other industries.Separators:  ① electromagnetic, permanent magnetic source is divided into two categories.  ② unloading iron into artificial unloading iron, automatic unloading iron.  ③ then install sub suspended magnetic separator, magnetic pulley pipeline separator.  (4) cooling method, self-cooled, oil-cooled, forced air-cooled.


Suspended Magnetic Separators Category:
1、according to the magnetic source,Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into electromagnetic separators and permanent magnetic separators.
2、according to cleaning method, Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into manual cleaning type and self cleaning type.
3、 according to cooling method, Suspeded magnetic separators is divided into self-cooled type,oil cooling type, forced air-cooled type.


Selection Guide:       The user must be considered in the selection of separator transmission bandwidth, tape speed, inclination, and how much iron in the nature of the materials, humidity, particle size, thickness, material, particle size, the nature of the ferromagnetic material, iron removal requirements, use of the environment (temperature , humidity, dust, and presence or absence of corrosion, etc.), the characteristics of the separator itself, the location of the installation and space dimensions and the like.    When more of the iron content in the material, should be used continuously and automatically in addition to iron RCDC, RCDD, electromagnetic separator the RCDF series dump; RCYD (C) series dump permanent separator; RCT series permanent magnetic drum; CFDL Series electromagnetic drum.     Should be used when the iron content in the material is less (RCDA), RCDB RCDE, CF series manual unloading iron hanging electromagnetic separator; RCY series of permanent magnetic separator.    When ferromagnetic materials are especially low, supporting the use of selection GJT series of metal detectors and magnetic dump electricity, permanent separator, automatic monitoring in addition to iron, energy saving, long life, in addition to the effect of iron characteristics.    Hanging electric permanent magnetic separator, such as material thickness of non-magnetic WCTG series with the parallel idler supporting the use and improve the divisible rate. May also be appropriate to reduce the suspension height, in addition to iron in order to achieve the desired effect.    When more serious environmental dust (such as coal dust, soot, dust), CF RCDB, the seal structure RCDE series electromagnetic separator, RCY series of permanent magnetic separator.    GJT series of metal detectors to detect metal objects should be used when materials containing metal separator can not be adsorbed material, automatically shut down after artificial removal of iron.    Chute, pipe, chain plate machine when the user is not using the conveyor belt, elevator and other equipment transport of materials should be used RCYF.GT series of pipeline permanent separator.    The main features of the magnetic separator: absorption length, easy to shape ferromagnetic substances short, small shape; the suction Marquise easy spherical; suction moving easy quiet.    For occasions with high iron requirements, such as requiring the suspension height greater than the nominal flying height or thickness of material greater than the nominal thickness should be appropriate to improve the specifications of the separator, or multi-level addition to iron.    Magnetic separation device selection, the material is pulp, need to use the bar magnet separator. Such the user dry powdered materials can be used CXJ dry drum magnetic separator machine, the size of the selection based on user production.    The above is my company over the years, according to the basic performance of the separator and the use of the majority of users, to your selection to provide some basic precautions. If you encounter any kind of technical problems in the selection process, please contact our magnetic Institute of Applied Technology, work with you to solve the problem.    Note: this website Product Technical Data Dimensions for reference only use, users need a special type of product, my production company may be given according to the technical requirements of the users.