RCDF series oil cooling self-cleaning Electromagnetic Separators


RCDF series oil cooling self-cleaning Electromagnetic Separators

Application :

It can be operated in the harsh environment.

To remove the iron tramp from the various material

on the belt conveyor before crushing.

It can be used for the port of coal transport, large-scale thermal power plants, mine and building materials. It can also work in the harsh environment such as dust, humidity, salt fog.


The design of the magnetic field in this system was

selected based on the optimizes computerizes simulation.

Self-cleaning, easy to maimtain, drum-shape structure, automatic belt-off-correction feature.

Remote and site control.

Eliminate the ferrous material with weight from 0.1-50kg.

Magnetic circuit design using computer simulation, large magnetic penetration depth, strong magnetic force. Fully sealed structure, prevention dust and moisture and corrosion resistance.

Automatic clean iron, with drum-type structure, the belt automatic correction function, easy maintenance.

Low voltage supply mode, low failure rate.

Sustain and reliable magnetic field,

with strong magnetic force.

Featuring with dust and rain-protection, wearing erosion, it can run in the harsh environment.

Low energy consumption and reliable performance

Optional magnetic force at SHR:700Gs,900Gs,1200Gs,1500Gs or more

Compact structure, light weight and easy to maintain.

Computer simulation design, large magnetic penetration depth, strong suction.

Low power consumption, low temperature rise, low failure rate.

Good sealing performance, with prevention dust and sun, and corrosion resistance.

Magnetic circuit design using computer simulation, large magnetic penetration depth, strong magnetic force.

Full sealed structure, coil wind using a special way, oil circulation cooling, low temperature, long life, prevention dust and rain and corrosion resistance.

No fault continuous work in the harsh environment.

Coil insulation above class F, adopt a new thermal insulation oil.

Separator using corrugated fins, increase the cooling area, effective control temperature rise.

With the computer-simulating design, the magnetic field is forcefully.

The iron core is twist both longitudinal and latitude. The heat can turn to the transformer oil easily.

The coil is made of epoxy resin and they are moisture-proof, dustproof and  corrosion prevention.

The wing heat sink enlarge the cooling area, control the temperature.

The Self-Cleaning Iron separator is easy to maintenance, the Waist-drum shape roller can rectify the belt automatically,

the labyrinth type bearing seat is whole-sealed ,this is suitable for the dusty area.

With the multi-function of the Rectifier control cabinet, near /remote controlling convert and the arrangement is widely.

RCDF series oil cooling self-cleaning Electromagnetic Separators on the basis of RCDE series of oil cooling electromagnetic separator an increase of unloading iron body of the drive motor, roller, with scraper unloading iron tape, etc.. The internal transformer oil cooling, the entire seal structure, magnetic large, dust, rain, corrosion resistance, continuous work and long service life of roller presses, crushers and other machinery and equipment plays a reliable protective effect.

Dimensional sketches and installation sketches:

Parameter table:

RCDF-T series heavy strength model Parameter table: